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3 Ways to Integrate Your Website with Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Connecting the Physical to the Digital GuideToday, our media-driven, information-overloaded lives have caused us to be highly selective about the types of information we’re receptive to and has dictated how much time we’ll allocate to reviewing such messages.  In the old marketing world, an organization would simply purchase an ad spot, design a highly colorful piece with a simple message, and then have that ad sent to thousands of potential buyers with hopes of maybe 1%-2% of those prospects returning a response.

Today, organizations simply can’t afford such low response rates, but many also can’t afford to simply stop advertising.  One of these advertising mediums is in the form of direct mail advertising (or simply direct marketing.)  This has always been a great way to get your message directly in front of a potential customer, but has not always been the best way to get a response.  Our guide, “Connecting the Physical to the Digital: 3 Ways to Integrate Your Website with Your Direct Mail Campaigns” shows you how you can create a process connecting your direct mail pieces and the web to increase response rates, acquire new customers, and complete those much desired transactions.

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