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Client Success Story for Adoption Discovery

Adoption Discovery

Who They Are

Faith, Hope, Adoption (FHA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps prospective parents navigate the adoption process. Through their developed curriculum, Adoption Discovery, FHA is able to help individuals learn how to potentially adopt a child within 9 months and for as little as $0.

Our Challenge

  • There was already a simple web site constructed for AdoptionDiscovery.org and FHA wanted to reuse the design.
  • The organization needed a way to locate, inform, and capture interested individuals who desired to become a trainer.
  • The organization had minimal staff attempting to support over 15 educated trainers with no central location for materials and information.
  • Each trainer needed to be able to promote their training events and track who was attending.
  • Participants needed access to class information and scheduling to know when and where training sessions were being held.

What We Did

Participating Attendees Information LibraryTraining Class ManagementWe knew the project was going to require a little bit of back-stepping and quite a bit of planning, so working with the FHA team we were able to complete the following:

  • We deconstructed the initial AdoptionDiscovery.org site and recoded the design to be used in the new site.
  • We outlined and built the process for creating trainer and participant accounts.
  • We created a custom solution that allowed trainers to post training events and capture registration information from participating attendees.
  • We created a custom solution for class attendees to get materials and information.
  • We built custom web forms to create a lead capture program that sent FHA data about interested trainers, attendees, and potential adopting parents.

The Results

FHA now has over 30 active trainers teaching the Adoption Discovery curriculum with over 150 sessions being held in 15 states from Florida to Wisconsin. The whole system supporting this vast network is still managed by only two individuals.