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Are You Engageous?

I’ve been a member of Brian Clark’s “Teaching Sells” since its first release. I joined Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s Trust Agents online community on Facebook and bought their newly released book. I attended an event held for author Pamela Slim who writes on her blog Escape from Cubicle Nation and has a book of the same name.

All of these examples of people I am connected to, have paid money to, and religiously follow have one thing in common… they’re all engageous!

Engageous is my term that means “perpetually engaging without pause.” It’s the idea that in order to build a true following or community, you must constantly be engaging your followers, customers, fans in constant communication and interaction. Now this doesn’t mean every second of everyday, but it does mean that in some form or fashion you try to engage your audience daily. If letting them know that you will not be available still can engage them. Give them something to talk about while you’re away!

How They Pulled Me In

I learned about Brian Clark’s “Teaching Sells” online membership site through a professional connection. I was already following him on his blog at Copyblogger, and read all the hype about this new upcoming service. Constantly being engaged by his concepts in his posts and the free information given at Teaching Sells, I was almost instantly sold and was one of 300 people who actually got in the first year’s enrollment that sold out in 24 hours. I paid $1,000 for that access and it has been invaluable!

Chris and Julien did this through Twitter, Facebook, and their own blogs to both conduct research for and promote their book Trust Agents. That’s how they sucked me in. I followed a tweet that took me to the Trust Agents landing page, that took me to Facebook where Chris and Julien were constantly updating the followers there as to the status of the book. On top of that they asked engaging questions and created open discussions about the topic of trust, being a trust agent, and the changes in this new trust economy. Guess what, that only made me want the book more! As of this writing, it’s sitting on a UPS truck waiting to be delivered to my door! HURRY UP!

Pamela Slim is a new person in my little world. I heard she was visiting Charlotte for a week and was invited to an event of thought leaders around the topics of entrepreneurship, new media marketing, social media, and connectivity. After sitting down with her in a fantastic discussion about supporting entrepreneurship in the Charlotte area with other business owners, professionals, and public officials, I became an instant follower and bought her book, followed her on Twitter, and read her blog.

Still Think Social Media Cannot Generate Sales?

These are just a few examples of people I have exchanged money for what I deemed valuable from them. But what each one of these had in common that pulled me in was this, they were engageous. They knew it was about the conversation not the conversion.

Are you engageous? If you are, share your story with me. What are you engaging people in?

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