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Client Success Story for Balusters Direct

Balusters Direct

Who They Are

In late 2006 Balusters Direct became a new addition to the specialized home remodeling industry offering to replace your boring, plain wood staircase balusters with beautiful wrought iron designs. They would offer both custom design and installation services that could transform your staircase in as little as 24 hours.

Our Challenge

  • The business only had two employees and no recognition.
  • They needed a way for consumers to create their own baluster design patterns.
  • They needed to be able to update the web site both in written text and design patterns in their gallery.
  • The owner already had a full-time job and needed a way to efficiently manage the sales process.

What We Did

Custom Developed Baluster Design ApplicationCustomized Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)Advanced Content Management SystemWe knew based on our research and presented challenges that Balusters Direct needed more than just a web site to showcase their capabilities, they needed a system to manage their business. With that, we set out to create a system that gave them the highest level of flexibility and efficiency and included the following:

  • We created a beautiful design that showcased their amazing services through dramatic before and after photos.
  • We coupled that design with a content management system that allowed them to make instant updates to the site without the need for a web programmer.
  • We constructed a “Custom Baluster Design Builder” application that allowed consumers to create their own baluster design patterns and submit the design for a custom project quote.
  • We built a custom quote form for the standard baluster designs that fed the information into the sales management system.
  • We installed and configured a customer relationship management (CRM) system that captured all quote requests as leads funneled into an outlined sales process, making the management and processing of sales much easier and more efficient.

The Results

In the first full year of operation, the Balusters Direct web site captured over 380 leads with a value worth over $300,000. The foundation we built with a solid lead capture and sales management system has allowed the business to quickly scale to include new employees, support new geographical markets, and continue to grab new customers.