mPower Consulting Offers a Helping Hand to Breakthrough, Inc.

CHARLOTTE, NC – February 1, 2010 – Brian Hamlett, President and owner of mPower Consulting, has recently accepted a role as strategic advisor for a new initiative established to serve and help homeless individuals within the city of Charlotte, called Breakthrough, Inc.

In this capacity, Brian will off his expertise in the strategic planning, development, and implementation of all online marketing campaigns to help spread both the message of the organization, plus the stories of the 20 individuals currently being housed and service through the program.

“I am very excited to see a program of this nature taking place in the Charlotte community.  Many individuals have been affected by our poor economy and there are new faces that represent the ‘homeless’ here in Charlotte and they absolutely have a desire to find a way off of the streets.  It’s just good to see that there is an organization that is taking the lead in not only providing a roof over these individuals and their family’s heads, but also a means to help keep one of their own by giving them the knowledge, tools, and help needed to make it happen,” stated Brian.

The organization Breakthrough, Inc. was originally conceived by a local businessman, Sam Frowine who is the founder of The Performance Group, Ltd., a management consulting firm based in North Charlotte.

For more information contact: Brian Hamlett, mPower Consulting, (704) 966-6040