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Training & Education

Part of knowing how to get the most from using the web to build your business is knowing how everything works.

Knowing how search engines work, how social media works, how to blog, how to setup systems, even how to build a web site is critical in creating a successful online initiative. Through our training tools, seminars and workshops we help you breakdown the complexity of the web into simple bite-sized concepts. We then show you how to apply these concepts in your own business to help you increase sales, build relationships, and possibly even create new revenue streams!

Just a few of our upcoming classes & training materials:

Project Planning

The online initiatives that are the most successful are those that are organized and backed up by a well-developed strategic plan.

Planning for web projects is much more complex than simply deciding where to run an online advertisement. Your strategic plan will need the right research and analysis to create a winning formula that will help you reach your goals. Let our team of experts guide you in how to develop this plan from ideation to implementation.

Learn how to plan your next web project:

Project & Web Development

Building a web site is not really a great description of what we do. Instead, we’d say we create great solutions that use the web to build your business.

We understand that sometimes, you just want the professionals to build your online vision and well, we can do that. With over 10 years of experience creating great solutions that bring business through the web PLUS access to over 15 different organizations that bring in additional expertise, you can be sure we have what it takes to launch your online initiative towards success!

Learn how your web project should be built:

Program Management

There are so many new tools you can use to reach and engage your customers, but who has time to manage them all? We do.

The average successful online business today has a web site, a blog, social media pages, and numerous online tools that manage their sales and customer service processes.  With all of these new systems requiring constant attention, it can be difficult for many businesses to manage with their current staff. That’s where our program management team steps in. We can manage these systems for you, saving you the time and money it would take to hire and train new employees, PLUS as a bonus, you get access to our expertise in how to continually get more from these systems. What’s not to like in that?

Learn when to outsource the management of your online programs:

Performance Analysis

Free analytical tools can give your business valuable insights into how you are performing on the web. Let us show you how it works.

The real power of the web for businesses is that you can track and analyze the performance of almost any initiative. Whether it be marketing, sales, customer service, or even product development, there are tools and metrics that can provide you with valuable data to ensure you are getting the highest return for your investment in the web.

Want to know how you are currently performing on the web? We could tell you quite a bit in 10 minutes and an incredible amount more within 30 days! Contact our team today to schedule a free analysis!

Learn how to track program performance: