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The Social Media Revolution

Socialnomics by Eric QualmanMany of you who have been participating in social media have seen this video before and may have read the book this video was based on titled, “Socialnomics” by Erik Qualman (Amazon Link.) However, many individuals I have connected with do not yet understand both the seriousness and the overall global impact that social media has made on society and business. Things have changed and many of us have yet to understand why and what the facts are.

So, to help make this somewhat easy for you, I have decided to post this rather “Social Media 101: The Facts” video as a means to help educate on what social media has become in personal and professional lives.

For those that have already seen this and think that it’s ‘lame,’ well then I guess this just isn’t for you, but feel free to take a look at our blog post about Social Media ROI as presented by Adam Covati and Eric Boggs of Argyle Social… it’s sure to make you think!

(Can’t see this video?  Click here to view in a browser)

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